What he needs is sex. Lots and lots of sex. And more coke. Lots more coke.

The dance floor is still packed when he returns from the restroom, and Urban Renaissance is nowhere to be seen. Tony has returned to spinning dance tunes.

A dancer gyrates toward Leon. He’s somewhat aware of a beautiful brown-skinned face and dark curls. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Dance is effortless for the disco king. He slides behind the other man, putting a hand on his shoulder and bumping pelvis-to-buttocks.

Minutes later they are on the porch and Leon is swallowing cum while the man groans, his hand gripping Leon’s hair tight.

He zips up and looks a question that doesn’t need to be spoken.

“Not now,” Leon says, standing up. He turns the other man’s shoulders to nudge him back into the cabin-turned-dance-hall, and gives him a quick swat on the ass before following him back inside.

That’s one, he thinks. It doesn’t occur to him that he never learned his name.


Another one finds him, approaching with a smile that suggests and invites.

A name floats up from the depths of Leon’s memory. “Eli, right? Comparative literature.”

“Mmm-hm.” Eli’s arms slip behind Leon’s neck. He feels the kid’s erection as they make contact.

The porch again, this time his hand working feverishly inside unbuttoned pants. Hot sticky wetness gushing between his fingers as Eli pulses rhythmically.

Back inside. Cute kid.


There’s a person in drag, a blue spangled top and black miniskirt and silver heels, black curls and a name he never caught.

“Hey.” He doesn’t need more of an opening line than that; she smiles back seductively and closes the distance.

They dance for a few minutes, then Leon pushes her into a corner of the room and fumbles her skirt up. She bends forward, and he pushes his cock into her ass. Holds her by a shoulder as he thrusts, again, again, again, and finally comes, groaning.

“Thanks,” he says before walking away.

Faintly, behind him, he hears her ask, incredulous, “Did… did he just thank me?”


Another, another, another. Faces blur together, names are forgotten, if they were ever learned to begin with. Fucking and sucking, fingering and fisting, licking and stroking.

There’s always more to be had. They all want Leon.

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