Chained Up

Eventually Leon runs across Chain again. “That strip tease was un-fucking-real.”

Chain preens a bit. He’s an easy kid to impress: a little money, a little attention, and he’ll eat out of Leon’s palm.

“I saw a little of your rope demo, too,” Leon continues. This is sort of a lie; he got there only for the tail end, but he doubts it really matters. “You know, we’ve never tried… any of that bondage stuff you’re into.” He moves closer, tucks an arm around Chain’s waist. He’s back in his pants and harness, but most of him from the waist up is bare, smooth, warm skin, and Leon glides his fingertips along the top of the leather waistband. He feels himself go hard.

“Maybe you’d like to show me a bit.”

“If you want.” Chain puts his own arm around Leon as they head to the Dark Room.

Up until now, Leon hasn’t actually been inside. The lurid images of the projected porn are visible from the outside, and the Cruisers have left little doubt in anyone’s mind as to what they’ll find in the space, but seeing it for himself still takes his breath for a moment.

Chain leads him to where cuffs are attached to an overhead bar. “I’m going to put you in these,” he says. “Then I’ll hit you with the flogger. You saw how that worked earlier? The code words?”

“Green, yellow, red,” Leon says. Chain had reiterated them at the end of his rope demonstration.

“That’s right.” Chain begins fastening the cuffs around Leon’s wrists. Their metal loops are in turn connected to bolts in the bar, giving him freedom to rotate his arms but not move his hands from their fixed position.

“Is that comfortable?”

Leon isn’t sure how to answer. Is it supposed to be? He’s pretty sure comfort isn’t the point of getting tied up and beaten.

“Uh… I guess?”

He can’t tell now since he’s facing away, but it seems like Chain hesitates. “Okay,” he says finally. “I’m going to hit you now. You tell me if you want it harder.”

A light blow. “Green.”

Another, only slightly harder. “Still green.”

Chain keeps going, but the blows never really seem to get to a point where they’re especially painful. Chain has him count up to ten, then back down.

“How was that?”

Awkward. “Um. Good.”

There’s a long pause. “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

At least that’s a known quantity. “Yes.”

Chain uncuffs him, and he gets his pants down while the boy finds lube. He braces against the wall. Chain returns and presses against him from behind, grinding and stroking until he’s ready.

His cock fills Leon.

So why does he feel so empty?

Afterward, they embrace. “Did you have a good time?” Chain asks as they exit the Dark Room.

“Of course.” Not really. I did this for you. “Did you?”

“Of course.”

His tone is as dishonest as Leon’s was. Neither of them says anything more.

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