Where I Love You

Warmth, and pressure, and skin gliding smooth against skin. Sighs and moans, gasps and cries, and yes, grunts and groans and utterances of “Wait, not quite,” and “What if you…?”

Leon wants to feel every inch of Rain. He doesn’t want to rush; he moves slowly, taking his time with every stroke and thrust, running his hands over Rain’s skin as if to read him through his palms. He hasn’t had sex like this in years, since he was still a teenager, shy and eager and uncertain and fumbling to figure out what pieces went where. He wonders when he became so jaded, when sex became something done out of lust or boredom or the need for conquest and validation, rather than an act of love, or at least of care.

Unexpectedly, he remembers Esmerelda, Diego’s mother. He’d tried to love her, he really had. He wishes she’d told him she got pregnant… wishes he’d bothered to stay in touch. Wonders how the world might have been different if he’d known his son all these years.

He wonders what those hippies put in that fucking drink.

Rain moves against him, pressing back into Leon, and Leon shifts until he can slip a hand around the boy’s thigh and wrap him in his palm. He times the thrust of his hips with the stroke of his hand, aware of how Rain’s breath shortens and catches as Leon brings him closer. “Oh… god…” It’s like last time, except different, slower, filled with more want and need and tension and suspense.

He comes in Leon’s hand, his body going rigid while his cock pulses and jerks. Leon holds him tight until he’s finished, his free arm slipping up under Rain’s chest to embrace him. When at last Rain takes a deep breath and relaxes, he rises back up onto his knees and begins a steady rocking motion, pushing himself deep inside. Taking his time, enjoying every sensation.

As much as he tries to hold back, he can tell his moment is approaching. He moves faster, thrusts harder, unable to stop himself. “Rain,” he whispers, his eyes closed in growing ecstasy. His hands move to clutch the boy’s hips, and he feels himself crossing the point of no return. When orgasm overtakes him he lets out a wordless cry, ripped from his chest through his throat and swallowed up by the velvet night. He collapses over Rain’s back, breath coming in panting gasps, feeling the thud of his heart and the swell of Rain’s chest as they breathe together.

When he finally returns to himself he rolls to the ground next to Rain, while his lover does the same. Their hands find each other at their sides, wrists pressed together and fingers interlocked, a bridge where heartbeat meets heartbeat through fragile skin.

“I’ve never,” Leon says, then pauses, searching for the right words. “I’ve never done anything quite like that before.” They both gaze into the sky, eyes filled with the stars that brought them to this place.

“Whatever happens next,” Rain replies, “I will always have this, a perfect frozen moment, preserved in crystal. Where the dark and the stars and you and I are, forever. This moment, this place, where I love you.”

Lightning lances straight to Leon’s heart, leaving him dizzy and breathless. He squeezes Rain’s hand harder, holding on for dear life as the world spins out of control.

“And where I love you.”

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