Dear Leon

At the end of Just a Little Lovin’, the organizers encouraged us each to write a letter to our characters.

Obviously, I ended up writing a little more than just a letter.

But this was what I wrote at the time, and it remains true.


Dear Leon,

You died way too fucking soon. You had more story to tell, and to be part of. You were supposed to love, to live, to learn and grow and change. I couldn’t believe I lost you so soon, and I never really let go. Truth be told, I feel a little guilty about that, because it meant Francis was slighted of what he deserved from me. But I loved you, and I loved being you, and losing you is one of my life’s more memorable heartbreaks.

I can’t stop imagining what it might have been like if things had gone differently. I like to think there’s a version of your story where you loved Rain, became friends with Simon, and changed the world with Sorrento. Where your music changed with the times, and you came out back on top. Where you learned to be a better father to your son, and the two of you were able to love each other. I’ll carry the ghost of that story with me long after I’ve left this place.

Goodbye, and goodnight, and long live the fucking king of disco.

Love always,

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