This blog is a serial retelling of a fictionalized version of the story of Leon from the 2017 USA run of the larp Just a Little Lovin’, as portrayed by myself, Rachael Storey. Just a Little Lovin’ is a live-action roleplaying event designed by Tor Kjetil Edlund and Hanne Grasmo about the gay scene in New York from 1982 through 1984, as the HIV/AIDS epidemic erupted. For more information about the game, visit justalittlelovin.com.

Other characters appearing in this story were present at the larp but portrayed by others players. Their representation here is not necessarily true to their original portrayal (though I’ve tried to recreate the experience as closely as I can recall), and conversations between characters are reconstructed as best as possible from memory and then fleshed out with details.

All scenes taking place outside the timeframe of the night and morning of July 4th – 5th, 1982 are entirely envisioned by me, in some cases based on conversations with other players in which we discussed events between the end of the first day of the game and the end of Leon’s story.

Thank you so much to everyone who played this game and contributed part of your own stories to Leon’s. If a character I’ve included here belongs to you, I hope I’ve done you justice within the context of my own perspective.