Pictures of Leon will be added here as they become available, both photographs of myself in costume, and commissioned artwork of the way I imagine him (because yes, I’m that attached to the character).


“The King of Disco” by Peregrin Winkle

“Cuddles” by Peregrin Winkle

“One Night Only” by Peregrin Winkle


This is, of course, a picture of Leif Garrett, whose song “I Was Made for Dancin'” was used as Leon’s big hit in the game. But it was the inspiration for the poster referenced by Rain as “the reason I knew I was gay.” It’s the way I picture Leon in his early 20s.


Start of the larp, myself as mid-30s Leon.

Photo credit Emily Care Boss.


Just for fun, the floorplan I used for the layout of Leon’s penthouse. In my mind I added balconies, doubtless with a pool and a hot tub, as well as an indoor hot tub under the octagonal skylight. The elevator is in the upper-left corner, and it’s one level, so just ignore all the stairs.