The show is everything he and Sorrento hoped for. The crowd responds with screaming enthusiasm to “It’s Raining Men,” and the follow-up songs – “Funkin’ Tonight,” “Move to the Beat,” “Radio Lovin’,” and more – are just as well-received.

He spots yet more people from Saratoga. Joani sways in a backless white cotton halter dress that barely covers her breasts, thickly-embroidered flowers down the front and around the hem giving the skirt just enough weight to swirl around her legs every time she turns. Diane is out on the floor as well, sparkling under the lights in clinging gold sequins, her long auburn curls unbound and wild and flying. Steven dances with her, a bit awkward but grinning, doing his best to keep up with Diane’s spins and twirls. Abner, whom he surely would have made time to talk to had he seen him earlier, is near the edge of the floor, doing the Bus Stop in a line with Eli, Jerrod, and Nick.

Reginald, the dancer who appeared alongside Chain for The Queen of New York’s performance, nearly has a bubble of his own as the people around him stop to watch with open-faced appreciation and awe. The strap of his golden thong is buried between his ass cheeks, and aside from what it covers in the front he is utterly naked. He randomly grabs people from the crowd and pulls them in to dance with him, placing their hands on his bare chest and rolling his body, drawing them along. Hips meet and grind and thrust, but he releases each of them after only a minute or two, turning around to find another partner to tease.

Santiago is throwing down a Funky Chicken that belies everything about her standoffish attitude, wide pant hems and open sleeves swinging as she gyrates nearly to the floor. Katherine’s moves are more reserved, but she’s smiling and laughing, glowing when Santiago grabs her by the waist and coaxes her into bumping hips. There are more, hundreds more, ones he’s greeted, ones he hasn’t, all dancing, dancing, dancing. Everyone dancing.

He signals the band, and the horns and electronic piano start up. “You got me rollin’ like a wheel on the road, turnin’ round and round, nowhere to go.” The snares come in with his vocals.

“I’ve got to find out if you’re feelin’ it too, it’s hard to tell, so here’s what I do.” A shake of his hips raises a scream from the audience. “And every time I want more, I’ll take you out on the floor.”

“I was made for dancin’! All-all-all all night long.” He holds the mike out to the crowd, and they sing it back to him. “I was made for dancin’! All-all-all all night long.

He remembers Rain catching his eye across the floor at Saratoga as this song played. I spent all night getting your attention.

“The days and nights are movin’ by me and you, you’re such a crazy love, you tear me in two.”

You do, my crazy love. You tear me in two. Where is Rain? His eyes sweep the dance floor even as he sings and flirts with the crowd.

“I spend my time moving to dreams and a phase, it’s a crazy love, you can see it in my face.”

His smile falters as he realizes: Rain is probably gone. He quickly turns it into a sultry pout, and at that moment notices Chain, who is looking back at him.

They lock eyes, and smile.


“Go, get in,” he says to Chain when the car arrives in the alley behind the club. Chain reluctantly peels his body away from Leon’s, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him off the wall. They clamber into the back, and no sooner does the door close than Chain crawls atop him, straddling his legs and pressing his hard cock into Leon’s stomach, tugging his tucked-in shirt from his pants. Leon squeezes Chain’s ass, and the boy leans over to kiss him, tongue exploring deep into his mouth.

The driver is Leon’s usual, and simply rolls up the privacy barrier without a word.

Chain slides down from Leon’s lap, kneeling on the floor of the car. “Pull your pants down.” His mouth, when it closes around Leon’s cock, is hot and wet and eager, and Leon sinks his hands into Chain’s hair, resisting the urge to thrust too hard. The boy slides his lips slowly from base to tip and back again, his tongue cupping him, smooth and slick.

“Sir.” The driver’s voice comes through the small speaker in the back, and Leon looks up with a start. How are they already at his building? He hurriedly pulls his pants back up, wincing as he struggles to zip them over his erection.

Chain half-falls from the car; they’re both moderately drunk. “SHHHH,” he stage-whispers, then dissolves in a fit of giggling. Leon wobbles on his platforms as he hauls Chain to his feet, and slaps the side of the car to signal the driver to get lost. They stumble into the lobby and then the elevator, the private one he opens with a keycard, the one that only goes to the penthouse. The moment the door closes Chain shoves him into the corner and presses himself lengthwise against Leon, hands bracing on the walls as they both grind and thrust and moan.

The doors open directly into Leon’s apartment, a foyer leading into the living room with its conversation pit and skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. Now it’s Leon’s turn to lead Chain – he grabs him by the ring over his chest where the crossed chains meet and walks backwards into the huge open space, grinning seductively, Chain prowling in his grasp and keeping his eyes locked with his. Leon doesn’t even wait to get to the wraparound sofa; he pushes the boy down on the top step of the sunken floor and fumbles his pants open with eager fingers, stripping off the skintight leather until his lover wears nothing but his harness of chains.

“Leon… Leon…” Chain groans as Leon takes the boy’s cock into his mouth, going hard and fast, rubbing himself with his free hand. Chain’s body arches, his breath growing ragged. Leon moves his hand from his own cock to Chain’s balls, and hot cum fills his mouth, splashing the back of his throat. He waits for it to finish, swallows, and moves back up to kiss Chain again, letting the boy taste himself on Leon’s tongue.

Chain rises up on his hands and lets his head fall back, still breathing hard. “I’ve missed you.” Sitting the rest of the way up, he puts his hands on Leon’s chest and pushes him to stand. “Go sit on the couch. And take your pants off.”

Leon’s erection has faded, but it quickly comes back to life under Chain’s ministrations of lips and tongue. The boy reaches up to run his hands over Leon’s body, curling his hands into his chest hair and tugging gently. He pushes Leon’s legs further apart, grabs his hips to pull them toward himself. Leon spreads his arms over the sofa cushions and leans back.

The blowjob is deliciously slow, starting at the head of his cock and moving down infinitesimally, one slightly longer lick at a time. “Oh,” Leon moans, closing his eyes. “Ohhhh.”

Chain puts two fingers in his mouth, presses the tips to Leon’s asshole. Sinks them inside. Curls them in a “come-hither” gesture.

“Oh… oh… oh, holy shit!

He comes, hard and thorough, feeling as though he turns nearly inside-out with the force of it. Chain lets Leon’s cum paint his face, licks his lips when the flood finally ends. He flops onto the sofa next to Leon, and the two are silent for a long time.

“I should get you a towel,” Leon says at length.

“That would be nice.”

Leon rises with an effort and offers his hand to Chain. He leads him to the master bathroom and hands him a towel, then moves through the door into the bedroom while the boy washes down.

He doesn’t expect the word that comes out of him when Chain emerges, face freshly scrubbed. “Stay.” It’s soft, imploring. Nearly a whisper. He realizes for the first time that it’s become difficult to sleep without the warmth of a body in his bed.

Rain’s body.

Chain nods and begins unfastening the harness he’s still wearing. Leon removes his shirt and drops it in the basket the girl will take for dry-cleaning later this week. He’s facing away, and doesn’t see Chain step up behind him.

“What’s this?” Fingers gently stroke his back, just under the left shoulder blade. Leon moves to the mirrored closet, turning his back to it and craning his head to see. A purplish-red spot has bloomed on his skin.

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe you should get it looked at.”

“Maybe.” He goes to the bed and draws the blankets down. Stretches out on his side and holds a hand out to Chain. He snuggles his body up to Chain’s back, wraps his arm around his waist, and soon they are asleep.

He forgets all about the spot.

“I Was Made for Dancin'” © Michael Lloyd, 1978. Used without permission.

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